Discover your potential

“Your unique operating instructions”

Through the insights of your personal DNA analysis you change your life & remain yourself! Learn everything about your personal strengths & development potentials.

Discover your potential

“Your unique operating instructions”

Through the insights of your personal DNA analysis you change your life & remain yourself! Learn everything about your personal strengths & development potentials.

DNA Body Transformer

The intelligent form of DNA analysis

DNA Body Transformer offers personalized DNA analyses that are easy and fast to use from home.

Our products lead to new insights of our customers, by means of which they can improve their state of health and well-being with targeted measures.

We do not leave you alone with your DNA analysis and offer you comprehensive information and nutritional recommendations, as well as suitable dietary supplements.

Your nutrition

Find your nutrition type

Our genetic origin determines our individual nutrition type. Which foods support your health and performance? What are your risk factors for obesity and metabolic disorders? The analysis of your DNA gives you the answers.

Risk of overweight


Reaction to carbohydrates


Reaction to fats

Diet-Type: Mediterranean Diet
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Your Fitness

Find your fitness type

Our genetic origin influences the growth of our musculature and the way of our ideal energy provision and exploitation. In what ratio should you combine your strength/musculature and endurance training to achieve optimal results? Where are your injury risks? Your DNA analysis gives you the answers.

Endurance training


Tendency to injury


Mineral requirements


Fitness TypeWeight Training

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Your Lifestyle

Find your best form

Our genetic origin influences the biological regenerative ability of our cells and organs as well as our addictive disposition. Where are your health chances and risks? The analysis of your DNA gives you the answers that can change your life forever.

The need for vitamins


Tendency to nicotine addiction


Need for selenium & vitamin E


Biological age: Low age

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All advantages at a glance


Nutrition tables with more than 1000 different foods adapted to your genes.

Body weight

Valuable genetic information that will optimally help you achieve your desired weight.

Sports activity

DNA results on the structure of your muscle cells and your talent for strength and endurance sports.

Ageing process

DNA information on how to efficiently delay your biological ageing process.

Real Experiences of Happy Participants

“Thanks to the analysis I finally don't have to worry about or speculate about what food might be good for me. Now I know for sure what's best for my body, that's a great feeling!”


“Unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffer from many allergies and intolerances and therefore I constantly have problems with abdominal pain, rashes and other unpleasant symptoms. To be sure I had myself tested for all allergies by the doctor and tried to avoid appropriate food, but I really did not feel free of complaints. After I read about the DNA analyses and informed myself about them, I immediately did one. Now I know invariably about every intolerance of my body and I can cook completely normal by the numerous recipe suggestions, which I got after the analysis, without having to worry afterwards to suffer from stomach pain or to get diarrhoea etc. So, it was the right decision!”


“Since I got my analysis results and base my life on them I feel much more vital, have more energy for sports, at work and for everyday life in general. I also noticed that I don't need so many days break between my workouts anymore, because my body recovers much faster due to the optimal nutrition.”


“As a competitive athlete it is not always easy to maintain the level of performance or to grow beyond it. Of course, I've always had a healthy diet, but it's only since I've been living by my DNA that I feel I can really get the best out of my body.”


“For years I have hardly or only very slowly achieved success in training. That was frustrating and led to the fact that I didn't enjoy sports anymore and therefore I rarely went into training. At some point I got my DNA analysed and learned that I had simply done the wrong sport. One that doesn't fit my body. But now I know that I should focus more on endurance training than weight training. With the right tips, I was able to change my training plan to fit me and finally see progress again.”


“Since my childhood, I have struggled with overweight and have therefore tried one diet after another, of which some contributed to weight loss in the short term, but none has led to a good result in the long term because I have mostly become a victim of the yo-yo effect. So, I was always unhappy, because I didn't manage to lower my weight and keep it... until I had my DNA analysed. I have learned so much about my body, know what is good for me and am finally on a good way to achieve my goals. Pretty much for the first time in my life I am happy with my diet!”


That´s what happy members look like.

Now, click on the button so that you can experience what Eileen has to say to you – she has experienced the positive change very closely…

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