In this section we answer your most frequently asked questions. Please see below for an overview of all our products.

What information can I expect to find out about myself with a DNA Body Transformer test?

Your DNA Body Transformer test results will present you with an in depth analysis of your genes.  Using your genetics, we can confirm the most effective diet, fitness method and lifestyle choices tailored specifically for you, helping you to achieve your desired goals.


What if I’ve already taken a DNA test? Will an analysis by DNA Body Transformer give me any new information?

Our method is unique: we use your saliva sample to analyse more than 1000 foods, test your compatibility and make recommendations that will improve your wellbeing.


Can I give a DNA Body Transformer analysis as a present?

Yes! During the online ordering process, you can either have the kit sent to you or to the recipient’s address. We will then send the DNA kit directly to the recipient with instructions how to open their account and activate the kit.


What kind of sample do I need to provide?

The DNA Body Transformer analysis kit is easy to use and simply requires a saliva sample. To take your sample use the small cotton swab provided and rub against the inside of your cheek for about 45 seconds. The swab is then placed in a leak-proof vial and sent back to us at the laboratory.


When do I get the results?

Once your sample arrives at our laboratory, our extensive analysis takes approximately 4 weeks for a digital version of your results to be ready. Your digital assessment will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as it is completed, if you’ve also ordered a hard copy of your results, this will be sent to you within the following 2 weeks.


How is the anonymity of your data ensured?

DNA Body Transformer takes data protection very seriously. The DNA samples sent to our laboratory have a unique barcode, to prevent anybody being able to identify you personally. The sample material is then automatically destroyed after being analysed!


Are there any client testimonials I can read outlining personal experiences & success stories using DNA Body Transformer analysis?

Lots of people worldwide have had positive experiences by building DNA Body Transformer analysis in to their lifestyle. If you would like to read and some of the positive results our clients have experienced, please get in touch with us directly at support@dna-bodytransformer.com. We look forward to answering your questions and sharing some inspiring stories.


I’m physically active and eat healthily, so why am I not losing weight?

One of the reasons for this may well be that your diet or your type of physical activity doesn’t suit your genetic metabolism. Obviously, to lose weight, the number of calories burned needs to be greater than the total calories consumed. However, in some cases your genetic metabolism means different people burn different amounts of calories for the same activity or diet. Therefore how many calories people burn individually is dependent on each person’s genetic metabolism. The DNA Body Transformer provides you with the most effective personal diet and training programme based on the DNA Body Transformer analysis of your genes.


What if my saliva sample is too small or can’t be used (e.g. it’s contaminated)?

Generally speaking, if you’ve used the test kit properly, your saliva sample should come to us in a condition that allows it to be analysed. However it cannot be ruled out that, in exceptional circumstances, test kits will get lost or damaged in the post. In these circumstances, we’ll send you a free replacement kit that you can use to resend your saliva sample to us.


How do I know, which analysis is right for me? What are the differences?

Choosing your analysis will depend on your individual goal. Our DNA Body Transformer Lifestyle Analysis is a metabolism and body programme which is all about healthy and sustainable weight loss. It analyses the most important genes that influence your bodyweight. With the DNA Body Transformer Professional Analysis, in addition to this information, you also get information on your detoxing and anti-aging recommendations and the impact your genetics have on your muscles’ when weight training and your endurance capacity. In our comprehensive DNA Body Transformer Professional Plus Analysis, your skin’s appearance will also be analysed and you’ll get a custom recipe book with a 28-day meal plan and more than 50 recipes.