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Who and what is DNA Body Transformer?

Sport Media Vertriebs AG is an innovative company from Switzerland that was founded in 1992. We have branches in Austria, Slovenia, Sweden and other countries. The company’s main activities are conducting research and developing products in the biotechnology sector, a sector in which we have specialised in human genetics.

In 2012, we started including nutrigenetic analysis in our analysis packages. This uses the customer’s genetic predisposition creating a nutritional diet plan with tips on how to achieve a better lifestyle. This innovative service presents each client with their own unique genetic report with recommendations tailored to them.


The exclusive, new “DNA BODY TRANSFORMER” trademark was developed to market our science and medicine-based lifestyle programme in order to market world-leading, innovative products in the genetics sector.

Our products are letting our customers make new discoveries about themselves which through targeted action, they can use to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our laboratory has years of expertise specialising in issue-specific gene analysis and presenting the information in a range of consumer specific products. Each analysis is reviewed and certified in accordance with the highest quality and safety requirements.

The genetic tests are finished products sold to the customer directly. Because this is a proprietary product, we are very flexible when it comes to tailoring products to our customers requirements.

The analyses are not only marketed in the areas of medicine and therapy, with a marketing focus on therapy and prevention through health: we have also set ourselves the goal of presenting these analyses in the elite & professional fitness, weight management, beauty, wellness and AAH (Anti-Aging & Health) – RE-AGING sectors.

The DNA Body Transformer concept was specifically developed for what is currently the most important target consumer group in the world, the so-called LOHAS: people who are striving towards or are practicing a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.

The target group includes people who:

– have a high awareness of their lifestyle and who want an active, on-trend lifestyle.

– have high health aspirations.

– want to be attractive and well-groomed with a fit body.

– want a healthier lifestyle, including more exercise in their everyday lives and constantly striving to find ways of improving their overall wellbeing.

– motivated towards anti-aging methods.

– or high achievers who have above-average purchasing power and are looking for the key to a healthier, fitter, more attractive lifestyle so they can continue to perform in business and life in general.

Vision for the future

Sport Media Zürich AG’s vision is to provide consumers with a personalised genetic analysis which they can use to get information that enables them to change their lifestyle. By following the tips consumers can improve their health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to make genetic and similar molecular tests more available to the wider public and make their benefits accessible to everyone. We’re pretty much convinced that with our genetic tests, we are now able to offer solutions that make a vital contribution to improving your health and wellbeing. Our genes contain a large number of bodily characteristics that can be used to alter our lifestyles accordingly in order to achieve a better quality of life.

DNA Bodytransformer

Why we created DNA Body Transformer


Better diet

Diet charts containing more than 1000 different foods that are matched to your genes.

Lower bodyweight

Valuable genetic information that helps you find the best way to achieve your goal weight.

Optimised micronutrient requirements

A number of detailed assessments of your body’s individual micronutrient requirements.

Clear metabolic factors

Meaningful test results relating to your DNA based on your metabolism and health.

Gluten sensitivity evaluation

The information your genes provide regarding the likelihood of you having low or high intolerance to gluten.

Maximum detox

Sound data on your oxidative stress level and detoxing from various harmful substances.

Optimised physical activity

DNA results on the structure of your muscle cells and your aptitude for weight training and endurance activities.

Slowing down the aging process

DNA information on how you can efficiently delay your biological process.